Abita Beer – Abita Springs, LA

Abita Amber

When I travel, I like to have local beer if I am at a bar or having beer with dinner.  The first time I was in New Orleans I requested a local beer at a restaurant and they brought me Bud Lite.  Hardly beer let alone local.  So I went to another place and they told me they had a great local beer.  They brought me a Dixie, which wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great either.  It was the PBR of New Orleans.  (Sadly Dixie was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and the events following, but it is allegedly still brewed by Huber in Monroe, WI)  After that I decided to stick to sweet tea.  On my next trip to New Orleans, I asked for a local beer after a long day working in the heat.  What I got was an Abita Amber.  Not only was it the perfect beer to follow a long hard work day in heat and humidity, but it was local and had some good flavors to it.  Throughout my time in New Orleans I also sampled the Restoration Pale Ale.  A great hop content and again perfect for a hot NOLA summer day.  Should you find yourself in New Orleans and craving a local beer just ask for an Abita (warning – I cannot make any promises about their Purple Haze as I generally avoid beers with fruit in them).

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Restoration Pale Ale

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