The Pursuit of Hoppiness – Grand Teton Brewing Company

Courtesy Grand Teton Brewing Company

I was planning on heading east this week for a drink review.  That all changed on Saturday night when I had the pleasure of enjoying a glass of Grand Teton’s Pursuit of Hoppiness American Red Ale.

I enjoyed the beer thoroughly as I drank it and read the little slip of paper that came with it.  The beer was brewed using an old (1500s) brewing law from Bavaria called Reinheitsgebot.  If you have ever watched The Thirsty Traveler or Three Sheets you should know what it is.  If you haven’t watched either, it is a law that states “true beer” can be made using only 4 ingredients, Hops, Malt, Yeast, and Water.  If it has more or less than these 4, it is not beer.  Kind of like the Gin laws of England and the Vodka laws of the former Soviet Union.

What got me more was that this beer appealed to everyone who drank it.  Our motley crew consisted of a Pale Ale guy, a PBR guy, a lady who is into beers that aren’t too strong in flavors (hops or malt) but doesn’t like her beer weak, and then me.  (I am currently going through my Winter Dark Beer stage)  The PoHAR was not strong with hops as an Imperial Pale Ale would be but it was definitely hoppier than your standard Pale Ale.  It was also sweet but not too sweet and the malt gives it a nice reddish color and a touch of caramel flavor.  At 8% ABV it gives you a little kick but not as overpowering as some beers.  While we were drinking it on a chilly evening in December, it hit the spot.  I can’t even begin to imagine how good it would have been on a cool autumn evening.  This brewery from Victor, Idaho scores another success (have some of their other flavors, they are great) with the Pursuit of Hoppiness.

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