The Falcon Tavern – Tuesday Foodsday Bonus!

I realized after I posted today’s Tuesday Foodsday post for a place in New Orleans that I should have waited a week.  But then again I realized there is also a Bowl Game in New Orleans coming up so it will be valuable.  For those of you University of Idaho or Bowling Green fans, here is a place to check out in Boise before going to the Humanitarian Bowl.

The Falcon is my Cheers.  Everybody knows my name and for the most part, they are always glad that I came.  If you are looking for a delicious sandwich (My fav is the Turkey and Sherried Mushroom, my friend Joe loves the Ham and Mozz, Sarah is a fan of Hummus Plate, and several friends enjoy the Puyallup Fair Burger) or a great selection of taps, the Falcon is your place.  Located in Downtown Boise, it is one of a few places that you can find a nice beer selection without being surrounded by D-Bags.  Good food, Good beer, Good times.  It truly is your neighborhood pub.  Remember to tip your wait staff.

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