I’m with Coco

Generally I try to stay out of celebrity gossip/feuds.  However, I would like to say a few things about NBC’s recent decisions.  I have determined that NBC is actually trying to ruin its brand.  First they let Scrubs go which goes on to a successful year at ABC and then modifies itself into a rather enjoyable spin-off.  Then they put Jay Leno (who I never felt was very funny) in prime time on a talk show.  Now they want to move him back and push back a show that has been on at the same time for longer than my parents have been alive.  You think they would have learned their lesson after the Leno/Letterman fiasco.  But no, they want to accommodate one person and potentially ruin 3 other shows (Conan’s, Jimmy Fallon’s, and Carson Daly’s).  NBC just needs to tell Leno, the run is over.  If he wants to sign with another network and continue to do stuff, he can.  He is the one who chose to hand over the Tonight Show reigns.  He is the late night equivalent of Brett Favre.  Only NBC is not making the smart move that Green Bay did by cutting the cord.  I actually enjoy Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show as well as Jimmy Fallon’s Late Show.  If this move goes ahead, I may just watch Craig Ferguson to punish NBC (really the only way I can).

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