Ray’s Place – Eau Claire, WI

Courtesy Volume One

I grew up just south of Eau Claire, Wisconsin and for those that don’t know Eau Claire is another city in Wisconsin that takes its drinking very seriously.  I’m not necessarily talking quality as much as I am talking quantity.  Water Street is notorious for all of its bars and the ability for drinkers to get hammered in 3 blocks.  But on Water Street there is one bar that is pretty much untouched by college kids and is the hangout of the sages in town.  Whenever I would come back home to visit, my dad and I would go to Ray’s Place for a beer and a sandwich.  Ray’s has the best hot roast beef sandwich I have ever consumed.  I have taken people there to cure hangovers and to enjoy a good beer at a low price.  If you are ever on Water Street in Eau Claire and need some food, stop by Ray’s Place (and try a little spicy mustard).

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