Stylish Men You Probably Don’t Know

Girls go crazy for a sharp dressed man.  Amen ZZ Top.  Lately there has been a trend of men dressing to the Douche Factor 9.  I’m sorry to say if you are over the age of 18 and are male, you should not be using these guys as fashion consultants:

MTV's Jersey Shore Boys

Personally, there are some fictional and real-life men that I would rather take my fashion advice from.  But today, I am going to stray from your typical style compasses of Clooney and the cast of Mad Men and go with some lesser known folks.

First up, Aziz Ansari (aka Tom Haverford of Parks and Rec):

Courtesy NBC

Ansari dresses with nice style (even when he is casual) in real life, but his character on Parks and Rec kicks it up and is always wearing nice suits and ties and really knows how to pull it together.

Next up is Neil Patrick Harris (aka Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother)

Courtesy CBS

NPH known to many as Doogie and to others as Barney, has exuded style both on and off screen.  Another person brilliant at picking suits.  SUIT UP!

Moving to sports, there are a few guys that can show you can be classy in the midst of sports and not look like you came from the T-Shirt and Gold Chain Emporium.

First up, Frenchmen and Arsenal Gunners’ Head Coach, Arsene Wenger.

While many coaches are on the sidelines in track suits or polos, Arsene is on the sidelines of English Premier League rocking a suit.  It adds to the effect when he gets angry because men in suits getting mad seem more powerful than a guy dressed like a shlub.  Perhaps it is his style that is helping Arsenal finish each year in the top of the table.

Mike Nolan (circa 49ers)

Unfortunately, Nolan has been relegated to a coordinator position and is now wearing khakis and team polos.  But there once was a time when he wandered the sidelines in a suit.  Rocking team colors in a suit=style.

Finally, in the old school coaches there is Joe Paterno (he has worn the same sweater and white shirt for 154 years) and there is Jim Tressel (Ohio State).

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

There are some men that cannot rock the sweater vest (me) and there are some that can (Jim).  Jim brings style and class to the sidelines of Ohio State.  Jim Tressel and the Marching Band are the only two things I can stand about OSU.  (Sorry, Bar None is a Wisconsin Fan).

But I am not the greatest writer about Men’s Style.  For more tips, visit, an excellent site with excellent content and links to find affordable men’s style.

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