Ballpark Edibles

Courtesy 2 Things @ Once

Baseball season is officially right around the corner.  Some people love it, some people hate it.  I love it.  Baseball is the one sport I LOVE.  I enjoy football, but if it isn’t the team I root for more often than not, I don’t care.  Bengals vs. Ravens, I choose nap.  I am a baseball purist.  I hate the DH, the Steinbrenners, and Bud Selig.  I am a Cubs fan, so I enjoy suffering.  But I also enjoy the hope that comes about every spring.

That said, going to any ball park now can be expensive.  Even minor league and city league places are overcharging for concessions.  Here is a simple guide to getting through a typical game.

First, smuggle in peanuts or sunflower seeds.  These are often sold for upwards of $5 when you can get a package twice the size for $1-3 in a grocery store.  Eat these during the first few innings.  In the third or fourth inning you buy beer/drink #1.  Depending upon where you are, if you can get up without interfering with 20 other people enjoying the game, often times there is cheaper beer on a concourse.  5th or 6th inning you get a hotdog and beer #2.  If it is a hot day, you get your #3 beer after the stretch.  If it is not, no need for anything more than 2.  That said, I did go to an opening day at Wrigley and bought 0 beers, but did pace myself on the high priced coffee.  This is an easy way to enjoy a ball game without breaking the bank too much.

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