NFL Draft Winners and Losers (Rounds 1-3)

The NFL Draft is essentially half way complete.  I have taken some time to do a little arm chair analysis.  But first, a shout-out to Non-BCS schools since they aren’t very good (according to analysts) since they produced 4 first round picks (3 from the EXTREMELY weak WAC and 1 from the Mountain West).  (I hope you caught my sarcasm, I am a mid-major fan).  Enough is enough…

Here are my winners and losers:


Ryan Matthews: Going to the best team in the AFC West (in my opinion) and working a tandem with Sproles helps too.

Kyle Wilson: I really wanted him to go to the Packers (when you have Charles Woodson and Al Harris to mentor a player and then throw in the dreds to go with Harris and Atari Bigby, pretty cool looking secondary), but he is going back home and he is going to be playing with Revis and Cromartie.  It just got a lot harder to pass a football in New York.

Green Bay Packers: Even though they didn’t take Wilson, a gift was dropped in their lap and they got Bugala.  What a steal he is going to be a beast for years to come in GB.  If the Big 10 makes anything it is O-Linemen.

New York Jets: I officially declare them to have the best secondary in the AFC.  Wilson gives them great depth behind an already incredible secondary.

Bryan Bugala: Blue collar OL going to THE blue collar team.  Match made in heaven.

Jimmy Clausen: He is going into the best situation of QBs drafted.  He didn’t go as high as expected, but if I were him, I would be glad of where I ended up.

Carolina Panthers: They got a steal with the guy above.

Cleveland Browns: I’m not quite sure how they did it, but they had lots of picks and they were quality picks.  And they got a good QB to develop at a bargain price.

Tim Tebow: That pile of garbage was way over drafted.  He is going to make a ton of money for someone with a lack of talent.  Yep I said it.  Tebow is 2010’s Rex Grossman.


Denver Broncos: Really?  You traded up for Tim Tebow?  You traded up for a guy I didn’t see on a single mock draft getting drafted higher than the second round?  This is why you are terrible.  Next time just light a pile of money on fire.  Tim Tebow and Maurice Clarette.  You are slightly ahead of Al Davis in draft strategy.

San Diego Chargers: I know you wanted a RB and Buffalo took Spiller.  You traded up too high for Matthews.  He was projected to be yours at your original pick space.  The next back taken after you took Matthews was 2 spots after your original choice and they took a different style back.

Minnesota Vikings: Yeah you got some good players, but you are another team that overpaid for a player.  Gerhart would have fallen lower to you.

St. Louis Rams: You used the #1 pick on a QB, which was a need you had.  But not a need any team near  you had.  Should have traded down and saved some cash.

Sam Bradford: You are heading to a train wreck of a team.  Maybe you can have the luck that Stafford had.  Good luck.

Finally I have my Winner/Loser:

Colt McCoy: Fell to round 3, which hurts his value.  But he did end up with a guy that had developed Brett Favre and Matt Hasselbeck and taught the guy that developed Donovan McNabb.  That is a huge plus.  But you are on the Browns.

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