Tail Waggin’ Double White Ale – Grand Teton Brewing Co.

That’s right, you are getting back to back weeks of Grand Teton.  After last weeks venture into a delicious double pale ale we are heading to the other side of the beer spectrum and are trying a double white ale.

Generally, I am not a fan of White Ales as they have a high yeast flavor, which I am not a fan of.  However, the Tail Waggin’ Double White Ale is much more manageable to my palate.  I believe it is due, in part, to the unmalted rye used in the process.  This may also explain an after taste that has a subtle whiskey type flavor.  The good news for people that hate whiskey is that said aftertaste is probably only noticeable to people who have had lots of rye whiskey.

It is a smooth ale with just the right balance of bitterness and yeastiness (is that a word?).  Would probably be complimented with a touch of citrus (orance or lemon).  The beer will be released as part of Grand Teton’s Cellar Reserve on May 1st where it will be available in kegs and 750mL bottles.  I wasn’t able to find the IBUs or ABV.  (Will pass them along if I get them).


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