Trout Hop Black IPA – Grand Teton Brewing Co.

Some people are going to think that I am giving an awful lot of love to Grand Teton Brewing Company on this blog.  This blog is not written by anyone affiliated with the brewery nor do they pay anyone here to drink their beers.  That said, the reason that they are getting such good press is because they are putting out a lot of quality craft beers.  The brewmaster knows what is going on!

So on to Trout Hop (not to be confused with Trout Slayer by Big Sky just above them in Montana)…  Black IPAs are something that have really grown legs in the last couple of years.  I’m not going to lie, I was a bit confused when I had my first one because it looks like a stout or porter is in front of you and then BAM!  Hops.

Trout Hop is a delicious Black IPA that blends the deliciousness of dark malt with the pungent power of hops.  This beer is definitely a reflection of the geography of the brewery.  It is a beer that has ever so slight hints of the pine and frankly this feels like a camping ale.  With its earthiness (not in flavor necessarily) and richness it gives you the complexities that come with being outdoors and the hops balance ever so perfectly with the malt to give you a fantastic beer to transition from Summer into Autumn.  Look for it on shelves September 1st!

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