Non-AQ’s and the BCS

When Nevada kicked it through the uprights last night many thought it was the end of the road for Boise State.  It may not be.  With interesting things happening today in college football, Boise State could still make it into a BCS bowl.  Let’s take a look.

Using the Top 15 as the most likely teams to draw for the bowls here is how things shook down:

As of 7:30pm Eastern Time tonight 3 teams lost: Boise State, LSU, Alabama.  That puts LSU at 2 losses and Alabama at 3, it was Boise’s first loss.

Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Michigan State are all in the Top 15.  Only 2 can play in a bowl (BCS only allows 2 teams from a conference in the premier bowl games).  So one of them is out.

Between Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Nebraska 2 teams will lose.  Which leads to an important question poll voters must answer.

Is a 2 loss LSU/Arkansas more impressive than 1 loss Boise State?  Is a 2-3 loss Big 12 team better than a 1 loss Boise State?  If Auburn loses the SEC Championship will they get another BCS Bowl?  There are lots of factors in place.

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