Pre-BCS Rankings Bar Stool Bowls

Before the BCS show that tells us how everything is ranked, here is what we would like to see (yes it is an update from yesterday) based on early info from the polls released this morning.  This is personally a list of our preferences (Via 3 Scenarios):

Scenario #1 (Auburn wins SEC/Oregon wins)

National Championship: Oregon v Auburn (you can’t argue #1 v #2)

Rose Bowl: TCU v Wisconsin (due to a rule this would be a required match-up, unless the Rose Bowl chose some other Non-AQ)

Fiesta Bowl: Big East Champ v Big 12 Champ (if we were to guess, UConn v Nebraska)

Orange Bowl:  Stanford v Virginia Tech (this match-up intrigues us and is the only spot we have for Stanford because of the next bowl.  We are assuming that Virginia Tech wins the ACC, if they don’t it is West Virginia)

Sugar Bowl:  Boise State v Ohio State (the President of Ohio State said TCU and BSU don’t belong in the same sentence as the AQ schools.  Let’s make him put his money where is mouth is.  Not to mention Boise’s defense lines up well with the type of offense OSU runs and would make for an interesting chess match.)

Scenario #2 (Auburn Wins/Oregon Loses)

National Championship: Auburn v TCU

Rose Bowl: Oregon v Wisconsin (this would be bound by sponsorships)

Fiesta Bowl: Big East v Big 12 (see Scenario #1)

Orange Bowl: Stanford v Virginia Tech

Sugar Bowl: Boise State v Ohio State

Scenario #3 (Auburn Loses/Oregon Loses)

National Championship: Wisconsin v TCU

Rose Bowl: Oregon v Boise State (Not sure if the rule that applies to TCU applies here or not.  But it would be interesting to see if the wins Boise had over Oregon the last two years were a fluke.)

Fiesta Bowl: Big East v Big 12

Orange Bowl: Auburn v Virginia Tech

Sugar Bowl: Stanford v South Carolina (SC would be SEC Champ and tied to this bowl)

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