BCS Bowl Projections

Everyone wants to know who is going where and we are taking our pick of who WE would like to see play each other.  We are quite happy at how accurate it looks like our projections from last week turned out to be.

Here are the new projections:

National Championship – Oregon vs Auburn; despite the fact that we still don’t feel these are the best 2 teams in the country, we have to use BCS numbers for this now.

Rose Bowl – TCU vs Wisconsin; the only thing that would change this is if Michigan State or Ohio State jumped WI.  This is one of two must watch bowls for The Next Bar Stool.

Fiesta Bowl – UConn vs Oklahoma; there is no disputing Oklahoma, they won the Big 12 Title game over Nebraska.  UConn will probably be playing this as the Big East Champ and will have slim pickings.

Orange Bowl – Stanford vs Virginia Tech; Tech is in via winning the ACC Title Game.  Stanford will be a pretty option for the Orange Bowl and would make for a great match up.

Sugar Bowl – Boise State vs Ohio State; there are lots of people thinking the Sugar Bowl will take Arkansas over Boise State and they are probably right.    But we have to remember that Boise State beat ACC Champ Virginia Tech.  I also think this game would have huge viewership and publicity because of comments OSU president made regarding BSU and TCU.  This bowl also results in all the top teams with 0 or 1 loss to be in a bowl (Michigan State wouldn’t qualify because 3 teams from 1 conference cannot play in BCS bowls, only 2).

For the future, we would propose making the Cotton Bowl or the Gator Bowl a BCS bowl with no league tie-ins.  Ideally we would remove all league tie-ins and the top 10-12 teams play each other in bowls.

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