Bowl Week 2 Predictions/Week 1 Recap – #NCAABowlPredictions

2-1, that is how we finished Bowl Week 1. Not too shabby. Although, had I been able to change my vote during warm-ups, I would have picked NIU over Fresno State. NIU seemed loose and ready to have some fun as they were getting ready. Their heads were in the game but they knew they had nothing to lose but a football game. I was at the game (behind the goal posts making several appearances on ESPN) and before kick-off I changed my pick to NIU and rooted for them the whole game. And they had a player whose last name was Ng. How do you say that?

We are still relatively light on bowls as we move on to Bowl Week 2:

Beef ‘O’Brady’s Bowl: Southern Mississippi vs Louisville; we are picking Southern Miss for no particular reason.  Mostly because the only thing interesting to us is the name of the bowl.  Seriously, what is Beef ‘O’Brady’s?  We aren’t even willing to Goggle it.

MAACO Las Vegas Bowl: Utah vs Boise State; BSU had 1 off week and it cost them a BCS bowl (Arkansas had 2 off weeks and they made it, Ohio State has 1 BCS bowl win and act like they are kings of football, but I digress).  We see them bouncing back from that (they did win 1 game after that) game and taking down a streak of their own and that is Utah’s 9 consecutive bowl victories.  That said, in recent years Boise State hasn’t been too impressive in Non-BCS bowls.  That will change this year.

Poinsettia Bowl: Navy vs San Diego State; Navy was one of the teams we felt was underrated this season.  They will prove themselves with a victory over SDSU despite the game being in San Diego.  Don’t forget, it is a Navy town.  It will be a close one, but Navy’s coach knows that football is only a game and after this game a bunch of football players are going off to fight in wars for their country.

Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii vs Tulsa; I would hate to be Tulsa, only a little though.  You have to travel that far and play a bowl game against a team in their home stadium.  That said, they get to spend Christmas in Hawaii so I don’t feel to sorry for them.  That said, a dominant Hawaii team will pick apart Tulsa.

Follow bowl action with the link below and we will check in on our scores next week and make some more predictions!

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