Five Things You Need For An Awesome #NewYearsEve – #FridayFunday

New Year’s Eve can be a stressful event or a night of regret if not done properly.  We are here to help you out with the essentials.  Here is our list of The 5 Things You Need for an Awesome New Year’s Eve:

1. Wardrobe

If you are going out for a night on the town you don’t want to look like a homeless person.  Frankly you don’t want to look like a guy that rolled out of bed and is about to sit on his couch and watch football.  Let’s face it, I don’t need to tell ladies to dress up (it is just assumed) but for some reason guys need a nudge.  So here it is.  Take a look at Bar None’s wardrobe for the big evening:


Express 1MX Shirt (White)

Blue Jacket


(Sorry for the poor quality, only had the camera phone)

Electric Pink Silk Tie


Levi's 559 Dark (or distressed)

Express Italian Merino Wool V-Neck (more Teal than Blue, bad picture)


This wardrobe allows you to be layered in case you bar hop, it also allows you to be warm should you offer your jacket to a lady to keep warm.  We trust you with shoes and socks (but don’t wear running shoes).  (Thanks to our friends at Dappered for help with the wardrobe)

2. Accessories

You look good in your wardrobe, but you want to look great.  That is easy with accessories and we won’t make you carry a man-purse (even if some call it a shoulder bag).


French Connection Watch

This is my new time piece that I got here.  JackThreads is a great place to find affordable apparel and other things.  I already purchased 2 watches.  (Full disclosure, if you join and buy something using the link provided I will get a $10 credit)  You will want a watch that looks nice and keeps time.  Because you want to look like you care about how you look and you want to know when to move into position for that New Year’s Kiss.



Warby Parker brand glasses (style is Zagg)


Glasses are getting to be more and more expensive and frankly more and more disappointing.  Not true with Warby Parker.  Bar None got his entire pair (lenses and frames) for $95 and a pair was donated to someone in need.  Great up and coming company with low prices and cool styles.  Glasses can be a secret weapon, they make you look more intelligent and they help you see details better.

3. Drinks/Drinking Strategy

You need to know what you are drinking before you begin the evening.  This is because you want to stick to that drink all night long.  Too often people start with a certain cocktail and then move to a beer and then some wine and then another cocktail and then a champagne toast and then another beer and so on.  Decide what your drink of the night is going to be and drink nothing but that drink.  You can pace yourself and you don’t have to worry about strange chemical reactions affecting your New Year’s Morning.  Be sure to get plenty of water as well.  The exception to the rule is that you can do a champagne toast in the midst of your 1 drink night.  Here are some drinks we recommend:




Gin or Vodka, although Grandpa would argue a Martini is only ever Gin.




Bar None’s cocktail of choice and one of the original cocktails.  Don’t go cheap on this one, you’ll regret it.


Vieux Carré


The Vieux Carré is a relative of the Manhattan that is more potent and more complex but definitely delicious.  It originated in New Orleans so you know it is for good times.

4. Designate

Designated Drivers are a Must

If you are drinking, you are not driving.  End of story.  I lost a friend to a drunk driver, I don’t want to lose any more.  If you do drink and drive, I hope you get arrested.  End of story.  If you did drive and ended up drinking a bit much, take a cab.  And don’t be mean to your DD, there are not many things worse than being harassed by the drunks that you are staying sober for.


5. Conversation

Too many people chat about hot button issues or go on and on about how crazy their exes are.  Don’t do it.  Politics and religion should generally be avoided, it is a night for fun not to get all serious and talk about the contrast between a Theocracy and a Marxist Regime.  Don’t talk about exes because nobody wants to hear about it.  Not even you.

DO talk about fun things.  Films or theater you have seen recently.  Great places in town you enjoy visiting (parks, restaurants) are fun to talk about as are hobbies.  Awesome websites can be fun!  Tell them about The Next Bar Stool and how it is probably the best site on the internet.  This keeps conversation light and you can move from there.  Just avoid heavy topics.  Nobody wants to be depressed when the ball drops.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!  See you in 2011!

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