Old Pulteney 12 Year Single Malt – Series Scotch – #ThirstyThursday

After weeks and weeks of reviewing beers, we are going to take a break and we are raiding Bar None’s liquor cabinet, specifically his Scotch collection.  For the next few weeks we will bring you reviews of various Scotch varieties.  Before we begin, if you know nothing about Scotch, we recommend a little reading.  Visit here to learn the what all those labels mean and to learn about the various regions.  Then come back.

To begin, I feel like a tortured author in some movie.  I am sitting at a desk with a very unique shaped bottle of Scotch as I write.  It is pretty cool.  I got into Scotch when a visiting professor moved in next door to me in graduate school.  He liked Scotch and had plenty.  He would invite me over for a finger or two and I would oblige.  Old Pulteney was the first Scotch I ever had, it was also the first bottle I ever purchased.  By no means am I an expert Scotch drinker, but I do know a little about it.  I know that I lean heavily towards Speyside and then the Highlands and haven’t been too keen on Islay.

Old Pulteney is from the Highlands and this particular variety has been aged 12 years.  When I first saw the bottle I chuckled at the label describing the character as:

Robust, yet delicate with a hint of sea air.

Then I took a sip.  Sure enough there was a hint of sea air there.  It smells of oak, a touch of ocean air, light peat and an ever so slight caramel aroma.  Probably one of the most enjoyable Scotches on the exhale.  The flavor gives off touches of sweetness (caramel), nuts, oak, and a hint of sea air.

This is a delicious Scotch that can be consumed neat very easily (as I am doing right now) or with a dash of water or 1 ice cube.  Like it cold?  Try whisky stones.

Would pair well with food involving barley.  Beef and Barley Soup, Grit Sausage, or Haggis.


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