Auchentoshan Classic Single Malt – Series Scotch – #ThirstyThursday

Last week we took you to the Highlands in a review of Old Pulteney.  This week we take you to the Lowlands and taste Auchentoshan Classic.

Auchentoshan Classic (pronounced Aw-ken-tosh-an) does not carry an aging lable, which most likely means it is aged the minimum 3 years.  While it is a baby Whisky, it is no weakling.

On the nose you can smell the peat, oak, vanilla, and if you smell carefully enough toasted coconut.  It is lighter in color than other Scotch Whisky, most likely because of its lack of maturation.  On the pallet you can taste the oak and peat and just a hint of smokiness.  It also has ever so slight creaminess to it.  You will notice that it has slow developing and slow moving legs.

It is a bit harsher than the Old Pulteney, but is still relatively smooth.

Our friend over here likes the stuff and even wrote about it.

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