True Grit – A Film Review – #TrueGrit

When you talk about True Grit, most people think of John Wayne as Rooster.  John Wayne played the role of the old U.S. Marshall in the original movie and it was one of his more notable roles.

Now the Coen brothers are back with a new movie and it also happens to be, True Grit.  Jeff Bridges takes to the saddle as Rooster in this go round.

The biggest challenge for this modern day version of True Grit is everyone assumes that it is a remake of the classic.  This is not true.  It is the Coen Brothers’ adaptation of the book by Charles Portis.

If you are able to separate yourself from Wayne’s version of the story you can truly appreciate how great of a movie this is.  It has all the elements for a great movie: storyline, humor, drama, revenge, danger, and love.  I was fascinated with the Coen Brothers and their ability to tell the story.  This is a definite “Must See” movie.  If you aren’t willing to pay the money to see it in the theater, you definitely should see it when it comes out on video.  You won’t regret it.

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