Trader Joe’s Tomatin 10 Year Single Malt – #ThirstyThursday

Trader Joe’s is known for a few brews that they have produced and, of course, for their 2-Buck-Chuck wine.  Apparently TJ’s has entered into the Single Malt business.  Pictured above you will see the 3 varieties they offer (a 10 year and two 12 year).  Today we are focusing on the 10 Year Single Malt from the Tomatin Distillery.

The Scotch is the color of rich clover honey.  It has slow developing and medium moving legs.  You can smell the oak and peat quite well in this Scotch, which hails from the Highlands.  You will also catch a scent that, as the bottle says, smells of leaves and there is an ever so slight sweetness to it which I spent several sniffs trying to identify and I declare it caramel-y.

It is one of the smoother Single Malts I have ever had.  You can taste the malt clearly and it blends well with the peat.  On the back you will get a wonderful spice to it and it warms all the way down.  I would recommend this for someone looking to get into Highlands Scotch that doesn’t want to break the bank.

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