Big Eddy Russian Imperial Stout – Leinenkugel’s Brewing Company – #ThirstyThursday

Let’s begin by saying, if you can find it you are lucky.  I’m serious.  Leinie’s doesn’t even list the beer on their official homepage.  Fortunately for me, ma and pa Bar None came out for a visit over Christmas and brought me a couple 4 packs.  Realizing that I had 6 beers (I gave 2 to other Wisconsin friends out here), I knew I had to savor them.  The other night I was craving a beer.  I opened the Bar None Official Beer Fridge and there were reds and ales and a couple other stouts but the one bottle of Big Eddy jumped out and slapped me in the face.  So I chose it.

Smart choice.  It is rich and full bodied.  A nice caramel-molasses flavor.  Did we mention that it is 9.5% ABV?  If you love dark beers you will die for this beer.  It is probably now my second favorite dark beer behind the also hard to find Abyss by Deschutes.  This is a fantastic beer from a great brewery in the heart of the Wisconsin Northwoods.  It is a nice venture from the traditional Midwest Lager/Weiss/Red choice.  I have always been a fan of breweries that reflect their region.  Northwest beers better be hoppy and Midwest beers better feature the malt and grains.  This beer makes the most of dark roasted malts and is a beer that I would steal from someone’s fridge and blame another person for.  Yep, I am that jerk.  If you can find it, drink it.  Trust me you won’t regret it.  Like I said, if you can find it, drink it.

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