Black Cauldron Imperial Stout – Grand Teton Brewing Co. – #Thirsty Thursday

Regular readers of this site know that we are big fans of the stuff coming out of Grand Teton Brewing Company.  Well, they get at least one more positive post.  Sipping on some Black Cauldron Imperial Stout one gets to enjoy a variety of flavors.  You first notice the coffee and chocolate flavors that pounce on your tongue like a jungle cat.  (That’s a good thing in our book)  And as you let the beer play with your pallet you notice other flavors.  I sat there trying to figure out what this familiar flavor was that I was tasting, finally I headed to their website for some help.  Sure enough there it was: raisins.  Reading further I saw their recommendations of having this with dessert and couldn’t agree with them more.

This is a dark, smoky, malty beer that will please many a stout drinker.  And at 8% ABV you won’t complain about anything being weak in this beer.

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