Redfish Lake Lodge – Stanley, Idaho – #TravelTuesday

For the second day in a row we introduce a new category. It is getting hard to post on these set topics so we are expanding our repitoire so we can have more variety. After all, it is the spice of life.

To kick off our Travel Tuesday posts, we head to Central Idaho. When people think of Idaho they generally go right to potatoes. What most don’t realize is that Idaho is a geographically large state with several mountain ranges running through it. There are the Cascades, the Tetons, the Sawtooths, the White Clouds and the Owyhees just to name a few. The Stanley Basin is located between the White Clouds and the Sawtooth Wilderness. One could hike in one range, hop in their car and after a 5-15 minute drive be hiking in the other range. It is a beautiful rugged terrain and that is where you will find Redfish Lake Lodge. Nestled on the Sawtooth side on the shores of a glacial lake, Redfish Lake Lodge is a beautiful place to get away.  Cabins range in size and price and can meet most any needs. I enjoyed my cabin and the fact that I was able to relax and enjoy my stay in my cabin and then after a short hike down the road I was able to get some dinner and drinks in the bar.

The restaurant in the lodge is a bit more on the fine dining side of things and was out of my price range for my getaway, but I sat in the bar and enjoyed a burger and onion rings for a price roughly the same of McDonald’s with far higher quality. Jen behind the bar is a great bartender and will bring a smile to your face and isn’t afraid to dish it back when you joke with her. The crew out on the docks was also exceptionally friendly despite the fact that I was not interested in going out on a kayak or paddle boat due to the chilly water temps in late May.

My only complaint is the lack of clarity of hours during shoulder (non-peak) season. Many published items gave us the weekend hours or the peak hours but as for the hours while I was there it was never listed so we had to ask when the general store closed and when the bar and restaurant closed. If you come during shoulder season, I would recommend getting all of these times at check-in to avoid confusion. Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and look forward to staying again in the future!

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