Bitch Creek ESB – Grand Teton Brewing – #ThirstyThursday

A few years ago when I moved to the great state of Idaho I decided to buy a local beer to welcome myself.  I looked around and at that time the only one I could find in stores was a beer called Bitch Creek ESB from Grand Teton Brewing.  First I made the mistake of thinking the ESB stood for the usual Extra Special/Strong Bitter when, in fact, it stood for Extra Special Brown.  Bitch Creek is a delicious Brown Ale.  It is sure to please many different drinkers.  For those that like a maltier beer they will enjoy the deliciously sweet malitness on the front end of the beer while ale drinkers will like the bitterness of the hops on the back end.  Coming in at 54 IBUs, it is not a beer for those who don’t enjoy a bite.  And the 6.0% ABV is not for the Lite beer drinker.  This is still one of my favorites from the brewery and I believe one of their under appreciated beers.

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