Ballard Cheese – #TuesdayFoodsday

When people think of dairy they tend to think of Wisconsin (and rightly so) or California (p.s. Happy Cows do NOT come from California), very few think of Idaho.  However, Idaho is one of the top dairy producing states in the United States.

One of the big names in Idaho cheese is Ballad Family Dairy and Cheese.  They have created a line of high quality products that have caught the attention of many Boise area restauranteurs.  Go to many restaurants in Idaho’s capital city and you will find Ballard Cheese on your burger or sandwiches.  The Ballard family does a great job of making flavorful cheeses without making a block of salty cheese.  With Christmas coming up in just over two months, it is worth looking into ordering a gift basket of cheese for friends and family.  You need look no further than Ballard Cheese.  Follow the link below and you won’t be disappointed.

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