BCS Bowl Predictions – Round 1 – #NCAAFB

BCS National Championship
#1 LSU vs. #2 Oklahoma State

Rose Bowl
PAC-12 Champ Oregon vs. Big Ten Champ Michigan State

Fiesta Bowl
At Large* Oklahoma vs At Large Boise State

Orange Bowl
ACC Champ Virginia Tech vs Big East Champ Cincinnati

Sugar Bowl
At Large* Alabama vs At Large Stanford

Here is my first round of BCS Bowl Projections.  Let me do a little bit of explaining now.  I project LSU and Oklahoma State playing in the BCS Championship Game which opens up the Big 12 tie in with the Fiesta Bowl and then SEC tie in with the Sugar Bowl.  I looked at Houston’s schedule and they face SMU and Tulsa, both of whom could beat them, and if they don’t Southern Miss could in the championship team.  With one loss, I think they would remain behind Boise State.  I am currently projecting Virginia Tech to beat Clemson for the ACC Championship and thus getting the Orange Bowl.  This Big East usually ends up in the Orange Bowl and I think a Cincinnati vs Virginia Tech match-up is appealing enough to happen.  I think the Sugar Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl will take a one loss team from their respective conferences (Sugar – Alabama; Fiesta – Oklahoma).  I’m picking Oregon to win the PAC-12 and Michigan State to win the Big 10 (although if Penn State loses to Wisconsin and Wisconsin beats Illinois, I may pick Wisconsin to take the Big 10) and that sets up your Rose Bowl match-up.  Now we are left with an At-Large in both the Fiesta and Sugar Bowls.  I’m thinking that Sugar would take a 1 loss Stanford to take on Alabama.  With those left in the Top 10 (I’ve assumed another loss for Clemson and a loss for Houston) you have Arkansas and Boise State.  Since the SEC already has 2 teams in BCS Bowl games they can’t have a third and Arkansas is on the outside looking in.  If Boise State wins out, they could end up in the Fiesta Bowl as a rematch of the famous OK v BSU Fiesta Bowl, plus Boise State is 2-0 in Fiesta Bowls and they travel well to Arizona.

These are all initial picks and there is plenty of football to mess this up.

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