BCS Bowl Predictions – Round 3 – #NCAAFB

BCS National Championship
#1 LSU vs. #2 Alabama

Rose Bowl
PAC-12 Champ Oregon vs. Big Ten Champ Wisconsin

Fiesta Bowl
Big 12 Champ Oklahoma State  vs At Large Houston

Orange Bowl
ACC Champ Virginia Tech vs Big East Champ West Virginia

Sugar Bowl
At Large Stanford  vs At Large Boise State

It is going to be LSU vs Alabama in the National Championship unless LSU loses by 200 to Georgia in the SEC Championship.  The only thing that could mess this up is if Georgia does beat LSU.  Most likely LSU would drop to #2 and Alabama would move to #1 (I disagree with Alabama being #1 as they didn’t win their Division let alone the SEC).  If Georgia did beat LSU in the SEC Championship game and LSU was still in the National Championship (and playing Alabama) Georgia would be eligible for a BCS game.  Whew!

Oregon will play UCLA for the PAC-12 Championship and I have Oregon winning to play the winner of the Big Ten Championship, right now we are leaning Wisconsin.

I realize that I have 2 Non-AQs in BCS bowls but that is because Houston will the the Non-AQ spot (if they remain undefeated).  However, it is looking like Boise State could be ranked between 5 and 8 (should they win out).  I think it will be hard for a bowl to pass on a team ranked that high.  Especially with a fan base that travels well.  With Oklahoma State as my projected Big 12 winner, that means they will defeat Oklahoma putting them at 3 losses and ranked below Kansas State.

I also think that the winner of Oklahoma State/Oklahoma will play in the Fiesta Bowl, which could take Houston and keep the Texas-Oklahoma rivalries going.  If the Sugar Bowl took Stanford I could see them taking either Michigan State, Michigan (if they can get into the top sixteen spots), or Boise State.  The appeal with Boise State is their ability to travel well, especially for BCS Bowls.  However, the Sugar Bowl could be the Rose Bowl Runner-Up Bowl by taking the second best team out of the Big Ten and PAC-12 (Technically it would be UCLA, but Stanford would have 5 less loses).  I’m still leaning slightly towards Boise State due to the possibility of an offensive showdown.

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