Road to Nowhere – #MovieMonday

I was going to review The Descendants until my girlfriend and I decided to have a relaxing night in and watch a movie.  She found an indie film called Road to Nowhere.  Being a fan of indie things, I went along.  This movie was fucking terrible.  I’m sorry for my language but it was horrendous.  At first we thought it was just us but after reading reviews from others, we realized that nobody has a clue what the plot of the movie is.  This is generally a bad thing.  Needless to say, we spent an hour talking trying to figure it out.  Some scenes were extremely painful in that nothing happened, FOREVER.  In one scene you watch two guys walk away for about 2 minutes while two boys are riding on a bike, or maybe they are walking.  Either way, it takes 2 minutes for NOTHING TO HAPPEN!!!!  If you get the urge to spend your money to watch this movie, DON’T!  We give it .25 stars out of 5 and that is only because it has a few good songs in it.

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