Shiver IPA – Salmon River Brewing – #ThirstyThursday

Post Edited 12/16/2011

Let me begin by admitting I had it wrong.  I kept calling it the Salmon River Shiver IPA and it is the Salmon River Quiver IPA.  Actually, I was wrong again!  After further research, it is Salmon River Shiver IPA and it is a seasonal beer.  They just hadn’t posted it on their website yet (that I could see).  That said, what I am not getting wrong?  It’s taste.  It is a great IPA with a perfect hoppiness to it.  I’m not sure what it is about the beer but the hops don’t give it the usual citrus aftertaste that is so common in many Pale Ales.  I can tell you right now that it pairs well with a Tres Pimientos Chicken Sando from the Falcon Tavern.

The hops balance nicely with the maltiness to give it a nice full flavor and making it a  beer that will fill you up.  At 6% ABV it won’t knock you off your rocker but will pack enough punch that you should be careful while drinking it.

Salmon River Brewing is one of the many excellent micro/craft brewers in the state of Idaho.  That land that is often thought of for potatoes is quickly becoming a brewing force.  Salmon River Brewing of McCall, Idaho joins the ranks of Laughing Dog, Grand Teton, Highlands Hollow, Payette, Table Rock, and Sun Valley (to name a few) as some of Idaho’s premier brewers.  Check them out!

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