Portland, Maine – #TravelTuesday

You probably have seen images like the one above (credit Debbie Dolphin) of the Portland Head Lighthouse.  This soon to be 221 year old lighthouse is in beautiful Portland, Maine.  We here at TNBS have a thing for Portlands.  We love Portland, ME and Portland, OR as well as Portland Ave in Minneapolis.

My college roommate grew up outside of Portland and I had the opportunity to visit him following graduation.  Portland is a beautiful oceanside city with lots to do nearby.  You can head over to Freeport and visit LL Bean, stop in just about any small town and get delicious clam chowdah or lobshtah rolls.  There are also plenty of regional beers to try when in Portland.   The Portland Head Lighthouse is a beautiful little destination and you can follow it up by wading into the Atlantic or continuing around looking for things to do.

Portland is also a great starting point for a Maine Roadtrip.  From Portland you could visit places like Bar Harbor, Rangely, Bangor, Augusta, Waterville.  This list goes on.  We loved our time in the Portland area and would love to go back to extend it into a road trip.

Tell us your favorite parts of Portland, Maine in the comments below!

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