Stop #SOPA and #PIPA

You may have noticed that several websites went black today.  That is due to SOPA and PIPA.  To summarize, these are congressional proposals that would shut down a site if it uses copyrighted material without proper reference.

You may say, “well just properly reference you material dummy!”  But it is not that easy.  If I use a photo and it is improperly credited where I get it, I am now using pirated materials and my site can be shut down.  End of story.  Even if it wasn’t my intention to use pirated materials.  Plus, I have some posts from before the move to .com and some of them have uncredited photos found on a basic Google image search.

I don’t want to get shut down.  I want to bring you good content.  The only SOPA I like ones like this:

Photo Credit: Steve Woods/TLC

And the only PIPA we want to see is actually Pippa:

Photo credit: here

Please contact your congress person and don’t let folks like me get shut down over a little mistake.

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