Sizzle, more like Fizzle – #FootballFever

According to an article from The Hollywood Reporter that can be found here, T-Suggs is trying to sue the pants off a young entrepreneur because he out thought T-Suggs.

Photo Credit: Washington Post Online

Suggs (aka Sizzle), who went to Arizona State (apparently aka Ball So Hard U) did one of those dumb little intros for himself to seem cooler than he is.  You know what I’m talking about when the player is staring down for no apparent reason and then looks up and says his name and where he went to school, as though I can’t read it.  Well Suggs introduced himself as his every annoying nickname, Sizzle and says he went to Ball So Hard University.  Seriously, Deion Sanders goes ape-shit about the Sizzle nickname, I think it isn’t very tough.  The only tough thing I associate with Sizzle is a steak from Sizzlers.

I digress.  Most players just say their name and their school.  The douches that went to Ohio State always say THE Ohio State as though it could be confused with some other school full of twits.  And players that went to the U of Miami always say The U, because we need to be reminded of the fact they went to a school that broke so many rules they are in line to get the type of punishment reserved for schools that cover up Craig James’s hooker murders.  I think it is part of the culture of douche-baggery that seems oh so prevalent.  How hard is it to follow the example of someone like Donald Driver who says, “Donald Driver, Alcorn State”?

I digress again.  Ok back to point.  Suggs did one of those flashy intros and decided later to copyright Ball So Hard.  Problem, someone did it a few weeks before he did.  Now he is sending out cease and desist orders.  What Suggs and his incompetent attorney fail to realize is that you can’t send a cease and desist order to the holder of a copyright you want.  If you want to be flashy and market that, you better make sure that you copyright it BEFORE you do it.  Hell, even a numbskull like Chad Ochocinco knew enough to copyright Ochocinco and Child Please.

Suggs, I wouldn’t ever want to be tackled by you, you are bigger and stronger than me.  That said, you gotta use your head for more than leading into tackles. At least you didn’t kill a guy, am I right Ray Lewis?

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