Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – #MovieMonday

Photo Credit: StudioCanal/Working Title Film

Movies based on books are always a crapshoot.  But to begin, we will provide full disclosure here: we have not read the book.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a film not intended for people who can’t handle time jumping.  Flashbacks, looking at current time in 3-4 different locations, there is a lot for the viewer.  If you can keep up, it is a great movie.  The story follows the operations of a British Intelligence Agency and specifically the search for a mole following a botched operation.  The title comes from code names given to potential agents that could be the mole (along with Beggarman and Poorman).  Gary Oldman does a great job of portraying his character as he investigates while dealing with personal issues (death of a friend, wife leaving him).  Just a note to Colin Firth fans, he is not as prominent a character as you would expect.  If you enjoy spy movies or whodunnits, you will enjoy this movie.  Just don’t expect explosions and lots of shooting.

Our Grade:  A-/B+

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