Payette Pale Ale – Payette Brewing Company – #ThirstyThursday

Boise’s fledgling Payette Brewing Company is entering its second year and they have expanded from a two beer company to 3 year-round beers, 1 seasonal and some special releases.  What this company has done in a short time is impressive. Talking with them one day at a bar, they talked about their next goal; expanding to canning beer (not in mason jars).

But let’s talk about their Pale Ale.  We reviewed the Outlaw IPA earlier and we have become fans of the Payette Pale Ale even more than the Outlaw (not that the Outlaw is bad, to clarify).  An American Pale Ale, Payette PA has 35 IBUs which is not a lot for hop-heads, but it is enough to get a delicious hop flavor.  Weighing in with 4.8% ABV it packs a fair punch in the alcohol department.  This is a great burger beer and a great beer for sitting around with friends.

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