This is Compassion – #commentary

It is 2012.  We live in the 21st century and as a country we are engaged in a debate about whether or not men should be able to marry men and whether women should be able to marry women.  The reasons I hear against homosexual marriage ranges from a very narrow understanding of the Christian faith, to a fear of how we explain it to our children, to a fear of the unknown.  I have several friends who are gay and they are not allowed to marry.  I have heard people say that if gays were allowed to marry it would ruin the sanctity of marriage.  I’m must say that I simply disagree.  When celebrities are allowed to marry and divorce in days (Britney), weeks (Ethel and Ernest), months (Kim and Kris), or that people can be married 8+ times we have pretty already seen the fabric of marriage stained.

I support allowing all consenting adults to be able to marry.  (See Rick Santorum, that is how you allow gays to marry without opening the door to your sick animal/human marriages).  Love is what marriage is about.  Love is what keeps it lasting, love is what makes it sanctified.  The following video moved me when I watched it and I hope it moves you.  Feel free to comment below.

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