Ruthless Rye IPA – Sierra Nevada Brewing – #ThirstyThursday

Sierra Nevada was one of the first brewers of hoppy beer that I was able to drink. As time progressed, they didn’t quench my hoppy appetite.  That said, their recent release, Ruthless Rye IPA, has caught my attention.

I was first drawn to it because of the Rye.  Throwing in the IPA was just a bonus.  As a whisky drinker I know that rye can have a delicious flavor (and not necessarily like the pumpernickel rye bread you get at the store, though also delicious) and I thought that when it would be mixed with the traditional ingredients of an IPA you would get a tasty beer with a slight whiskey flavor.

The rye blends well with the hops (55 IBUs) to give a nice copper color and a pine-y and spice-y aroma.  The beer goes down smooth and has balanced malt and hops flavors on the front and back ends.  A hophead may very well enjoy this beer and the combination of flavors.  I enjoy it and have been slightly smitten with it to the point of borderline over-ordering.  The 6.6% ABV packs enough of a punch to be aware of but it doesn’t overly feature an alcohol flavor.

Check it out here or out at your local watering hole.

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