Jack and Jill – #MovieMonday

While on vacation with my lovely girlfriend, weather decided to crap on our plans.  So we adapted and decided to watch a movie in our hotel room one night.  Jack and Jill was one of the few movies available in the Red Box down the street.  We knew it would be bad, but we decided to watch it anyway.

Like I said, we knew it would be bad, but we figured with Al Pacino and tons of other celebrities it should have enough good moments to keep us entertained.  After watching this movie (with low expectations), it was terrible.  The editing was bad, Sandler was bad, Pacino was straight up freaking weird, and the movie was going in circles and then somehow abruptly ended.  There were so many mistakes in editing, from objects appearing and disappearing, to hair changes, etc., that it was almost distracting at times.

After viewing this, it is no wonder that it didn’t make the $79 million it cost to make it.  Yep, this movie finished $5 million in the red.  If you are thinking about watching it.  Just don’t.  Save yourself and don’t.

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