Redbox Battle: In Time vs The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – #MovieMonday

Every few weekend, my girlfriend and I will rent two movies from Redbox and watch them.  This weekend made me decide to have competitions between the movies when we do this.  This week it is In Time vs The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

In Time

Plot:  In the future money is no longer currency.  We are somehow wired for time.  When our time runs out, we die.  Time can be traded, stolen, stored, etc.

Pros:  The movie starred some big names (Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake, as well as some recognizable faces in other roles) and had plenty of action.  The movie featured some fun special effects and cool cars from the future (no, they don’t fly or hover).

Cons:  Some of the plot premises were stupid.  For instance, you have no time until you turn 25.  Once you do turn 25 you have a limited amount of time (1 year) to live, but you can accrue more.  You also stop aging at 25.  So parents, grandparents and children all look like siblings.  You could be having sex with a 200-year-old when you are 25.  Gross.  The plot is fairly predictable and there aren’t too many surprises.  Timberlake had a few scenes where his lack of acting experience was obvious.

Plot:  A magazine reporter is found guilty of slandering a successful businessman and his career is shot.  Another wealthy business man is impressed by the reporters abilities and hires a firm to do a background check on him.  The firm uses a young delinquent hacker to find out everything they can.  Upon her report they are pleased with the results and the reporter is hired to solve an almost half-century old murder case.  In the course of the investigation the reporter teams up with the hacker.  You’ll have to watch the rest so I don’t spoil it for you.

Pros:  It is a very intense psychological thriller.  It is well written and well-directed.  Most of the writing credit should go to Stieg Larsson though.  The interweaving of story lines and answers to questions keeps you invested in the film.  The twists and turns keep you on the edge of your seat.

Cons:  It is a very intense psychological thriller.  There are some scenes that are straight up disturbing and/or messed up.  The Swedish accents are pretty crappy by most characters and some even sound Irish.  It would have been better if they just didn’t use accents at all.  Some of the relationships between the characters didn’t seem natural and lacked chemistry, almost like the hired for the part and not for they way they would interact with one another.  The other big con is that the book title in Swedish means, “Men Who Hate Women”, which would have been a way better title for this movie.

Verdict:  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo wins in a landslide.  In Time lacked believable premises and the acting was pretty terrible.  TGwtDT kept me invested and even on the edge of my seat throughout.  The plot is more interesting and it makes me excited for what lies ahead.  Even if I did have to witness an anal rape scene.

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