Stars and Satellites – Trampled By Turtles – #MusicMonday

Bluegrass is quickly growing into on of the more popular genres of music.  At least it is in the West and Northwest.  Bands like Old Crow Medicine Show have been around for a while and have remained steady, but other bands are rising to prominence and young kids who used to be into punk are intrigued by the intricacies of playing bluegrass.  They are setting down their electric guitars and are picking up banjos and mandolins, they are trading in electric basses for uprights, and instead of loud drums they are getting fiddle players.  Instead of screaming, they are singing in 4-part harmonies.

Trampled By Turtles is a band out of Duluth, Minnesota, a small northern city known more for its weather and being the port of send-off of the Edmund Fitzgerald.  But there is a small bluegrass band who has been perfecting their craft for years.  Fans of TBT will notice a change from their usual upbeat and faster-paced songs for some more reflective songs that feature their great harmonies.  I purchased the disc the when it came out two weeks ago and gave it a good listening to while driving 4.5 hours across a barren section of interstate.

The album is composed of beautifully written songs that flows almost like a soundtrack to a movie that hasn’t been made yet.  Opening track, “Midnight on the Interstate” became too real as I was driving in the darkness of night on an interstate just wishing my destination would arrive.  The songs move between quiet and reflective and upbeat and fun.

If I were to give this album a star rating it would be 5 stars; and that is hard to do in my book.  It is a definite “Buy It” album and a great gift to people who are looking to get introduced into quality bluegrass music.  It’s already on my list of Top Albums of 2012.

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