Lizard Face + PETA = #WeirdWednesday

Courtney Stodden is famous because she likes to have sex with a creepy dude 3x her age.  This fame has given her a platform to show us that she is just all-around weird.  She recently joined up with PETA and because of that she is trying to sell me on vegetables.  Take a look:

I generally don’t take advice from someone who is trying to look like this:

I have had an issue with PETA for a while.  I am opposed to animal cruelty, but I think there are better ways to go about ending animal cruelty than PETA does.  I think PETA adds to animal cruelty and they objectify women.  Throwing paint on a fur coat now causes an animal to die for the sake of throwing a coat in the garbage and the owner will go buy a new one.  Thus PETA has led to unnecessary deaths of animals.  They strip women down in order to convince others to eat vegetables and now women are nothing more than objects in their ads.  And then there is that whole thing where PETA kills shelter animals and is opposed to no-kill laws.  They have been for a while, they just don’t like people knowing about it.  I would rather support animal shelters that are no-kill that are local.  PETA is just a sensational circus.

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