TNBS Classics: Lost Continent Double IPA – Grand Teton Brewing Co. – #ThirstyThursday

As you may be able to tell by the increasing number of beers of theirs that I review, I am a fan of Grand Teton Brewing.  They were the first Idaho beer I ever consumed (Bitch Creek was the flavor).  They have been putting out some really quality beers and are worth noting.

Last week I was able to try the Lost Continent Double IPA in two forms.  The first was their cellar reserve (aged in oak barrels, I believe) on tap at a restaurant and the second was via a bottle to a glass.

When I hear Double IPA I assume it is going to be super hoppy and in the realm of an Imperial IPA.  This was surprisingly one of the smoothest IPAs I have ever had.  It had a perfect blend of the bitterness of hops and a fruity (in a good way) taste.  This beer was such a delicate blend and worked so well with itself I was surprised and didn’t want to stop drinking.  This is a beer I would give to people thinking about trying Pale Ales.  And at 8% ABV it isn’t a weak beer.

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