NCAA Football Top 25 Poll – Preseason – #ncaafb

After a summer away in the wilderness with no internet connection, we return triumphantly and give you our Top 25.  It catches a lot of flack early in the season, but near the end of the season the top spots are usually pretty accurate.  We are less about movement and more about who would stay in their spots.  Here is our Preseason Top 25 for 2012-13 (with explanations when needed):

1. USC (they are finally allowed on our poll as they are Bowl Eligible again and have several returning players.)
2. Georgia (they lost in the SEC title game, but were one heckuva team to reckon with after Boise State caused them to refocus)
3. Wisconsin (people are surprised that I have put WI this high.  Two words, Monte Ball.)
4. LSU (the Mad Hatter always finds ways of winning)
5. Oregon (Kelly always finds ways of winning)
6. Oklahoma (peer pressure on this one, but I wasn’t sure how OK State would do without some of its stars)
7. Alabama (when you have millions of dollars to get players, you should have a good team)
8. Florida State (will either be really good or really bad this year)
9. Arkansas (the Razorbacks impressed me last year and they didn’t suffer too many personnel losses)
10. South Carolina (I never know what to expect out of the Palmetto, but there is a chance for a dominant year)
11. Michigan (although they may slip with continued sloppy QB play)
12. West Virginia (Take me home country roads and joining a new conference can give them a chance to prove themselves)
13. Michigan State (this may change after the opener.  Can they beat a Moore-less Boise State at home?  If not, they are dropping big time.)
14. Clemson (consistently a middle of the pack team)
15. Boise State (yes they don’t have Kellen Moore, but they return a big receiving crew and some key defenders.  Friday will tell whether they are a team that is here to stay or a team that is rebuilding.  If they can beat MSU, you may seem them as the Non-AQ.)
16. Nebraska (the Huskers had a rough intro to the Big Ten.  I don’t know if that will change this year or not.)
17. TCU (with a move from the MW to the Big 12, I think things will get interesting.)
18. Texas (have they rebuilt?)
19. Virginia Tech (fast track in the ACC, but sometimes they shoot themselves in the foot)
20. Oklahoma State (major losses on offense, if they replaced them well, they will shoot up the rankings)
21. Ohio State (last year wasn’t a good year for them, but they were a spoiler for a couple of teams)
22. Kansas State (could be great, could be mediocre.  We will find out.)
23. Stanford (was it all Luck?)
24. Louisville (things look grim in the Big East this year, next year should be more competitive)
25. Auburn (there could have been about 5 schools here, gave it to Auburn for the heck of it)

Opening weekend will influence a lot of teams.  Some teams are challenging themselves by starting the season with quality opponents (see Boise State v Michigan State, Notre Dame v Navy, Clemson v Auburn, and Michigan v Alabama) while others are challenging themselves with massive underdogs (see Texas A&M v La Tech, Murray State v Florida State, Bowling Green v Florida; at least A&M is on the road) and then there is the interesting match-up between South Carolina and Vandy.  Vanderbilt made a respectable showing last year, Aaron Rodgers younger brother Jordan is showing some potential and they have a 100+ yard RB returning, this could spell trouble for South Carolina and a rise from the bottom of the SEC for Vandy.  Welcome to college football!


There is always debate about who should be on a Top 25 Ranking. We decided to show something new last year. If you are ranked and lose, you are off the rankings until you win your way back on. You win your way on by beating a ranked team. If a ranked team beats a ranked team they get both rankings. If they later lose, they lose all their rankings. This is what the AP Top 25 looks like heading into Week One’s Action:


Florida State
South Carolina
West Virginia
Michigan State
Virginia Tech
18.Ohio State
Oklahoma State
Kansas State
Boise State

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