Redbox Review: Salvation Boulevard – #MovieMonday

It was one of those autumn nights where the motivation to be active wasn’t that high, plus it was Daylight Saving Time so we had already been up earlier than normal.  Looking for something to keep us entertained we went to Redbox and rented Salvation Boulevard. Allegedly a comedy (it’s a stretch to even call it a dark comedy) the movie was tough for me to watch.

I am a person of faith, however, I am a person of a more inclusive and grace-based faith.  Watching a movie about overly zealous conservative evangelicals was tough.  That said, the movie was entertaining enough to keep my attention.  Pierce Brosnan does a great job of portraying an evangelical minister who will do anything to keep his name clean and Greg Kinnear is excellent as a man who is kind of trapped in his church.  While not a great movie, it is entertaining enough to keep the attention of the viewer and is worth paying $1.29 to see.

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