Redbox Review: Butter – #MovieMonday

Over the weekend, my girlfriend and I decided to watch a movie. I went to Redbox and perused the selection and decided Butter sounded interesting. I like Rob Corddry and Ty Burrell and I can tolerate the other cast members billed in the film.

The film takes place in Iowa and centers around the butter carving competition at the state fair. Yes, this is a real thing. I won’t give away all the details but Burrell and Garner have a rocky relationship following a decision with the butter sculpting. Garner’s acting is a bit over the top and the accent is one that I never heard in my entire 3 years of living in Iowa. Corddry does a great job playing a concerned foster parent to Yara Shahidi’s character. Shahidi is adorable as all get out. Olivia Wilde is atrocious in this film, if you can tune out her over the top acting. This film is bearable. It isn’t a great film as the story is very loosely woven and some parts don’t make sense as to why they are even in the film.

You could probably skip this film. But if you don’t mind paying $1+ for a one night rental it has parts that are entertaining and enduring. Plus there is a great clip in the deleted scenes worth watching.

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