Boise Wedding – A Day In Review

Hotels We worked with the fine folks at Hotel 43 and the Modern Hotel to provide nice accommodations within walking distance of our venue. Each had different perks which our guests enjoyed. It was […]


Hotel 43


We worked with the fine folks at Hotel 43 and the Modern Hotel to provide nice accommodations within walking distance of our venue. Each had different perks which our guests enjoyed. It was also easy for guests of both hotels to meet up quickly.


Our wedding was held at the Owyhee Building in downtown Boise. The rooftop penthouse was a great location for our small ceremony and after party. We had the ceremony in the early evening, following a brief cocktail hour (more like 30 minutes). The ceremony was fairly quick and was very personal. We followed up with appetizers and more drinks and lots of dancing. The view was great and added a little something extra to the experience.


Outside the building


The Owyhee


Daytime view (it was a little overcast but cleared up)


Nighttime view

Food and Drink


Our food and bar was catered by Open Table Boise. First of all, they were a life saver! Originally we booked the venue through a restaurant that was in the Owyhee Building. That was the only way to do it. Well, that restaurant closed and did catering only, then 2 months before the wedding we got an email stating they were bankrupt. So with 2 months to the wedding we had no venue and no caterer. Thankfully, the property management company at the Owyhee stepped up and signed a contract with us, allowing us to keep the venue. Open Table took the reigns and got us a customized food menu and a bar that featured 2 signature cocktails. Oh and they did it for less than we were originally going to pay. Seriously! April and her crew were AMAZING! Not only was the menu customized for us, it featured exactly what we wanted. The bride is a chips and salsa connoisseur and the groom is a Wisconsinite with a soft spot (some call it a belly) for Mac and Cheese. Open Table had amazing tortilla and salsa bar featuring 3 homemade salsas. They served mac and cheese in parmesan cups that were crazy delicious. Then there were plenty of other appetizers for the guests to eat (and there was plenty more to feed the bride and groom for a week). We had a well bar with 2 varieties of beer and wine. Then we topped it off with two signature cocktails: a Plum Gimlet and a Quince Old-Fashioned, both were a hit. For the non-drinkers we had huckleberry lemonade.

Dessert was a little more non-traditional. We had no wedding cake. We went with donut holes from the family-owned donut shop down the street from our house.


These donut holes were paired with customized donuts from Guru Donuts. Angel and her crew made the most delicious donuts for the wedding. Our neighbor (and local fitness instructor) was rumored to have consumed 5 different donuts. This has neither been confirmed nor denied. We had an old fashioned-old fashioned donut (whiskey and orange glaze on an old-fashioned vanilla donut), lemon chiffon donut, vanilla donut with vanilla icing and sprinkles, chocolate donut with chocolate icing, and chocolate donut with chocolate icing and organic golden grahams.




The engagement ring was purchased through Ylang23 and was made by designer Kataoka.


The wedding rings were custom made by Mike at Precious Metal Arts in Boise. The bride’s wedding bad was inspired by and made to match the engagement ring. Both the engagement ring and the wedding band feature two twists.


The groom’s ring is a thick titanium band with a hammered finish. (It was photographed alone because when on hand the hammered detail was not as visible)




Our DJ was DJ Eric Rhodes of Rhodes Entertainment. HO-LY CRAP! That is all I can say. He gave us a form to fill in our music preferences and he ran with hit. When the dancing started, it did not stop. By the end of the night most of our guests did not have butts because they danced them off! A mixture of new and old music kept all ages happy. Eric is an actual DJ so he creates mixes using multiple songs that seamlessly flow one song into the next. He was great at gauging what the crowd wanted to dance to and he kept it going. He was amazing!



Our flowers and vegetation were done by Boise at its Best Flowers. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have any photos of the boutonnieres or the corsages we had made. They were fern and white anemone. They were beautiful and non-traditional. We had a Jurassic Park quantity of ferns throughout the venue. We purchased 1/3 and rented the other 2/3. They were affordable and looked great with our simplistic wedding.


The bride’s dress was a custom-made dress/jumpsuit. Inspired by several different dresses, the bride had a stunning wedding dress. When it was time to dance, she had a shoe change and the skirt portion came off and you saw that she had been wearing a jumpsuit the whole time. The seamstress (Melinda) was at Transformations Sewing Shop in Boise.

The groom’s suit was Joseph Aboud – JOE in light grey. Transformations tailored the suit.

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